Why use Cadence Orthotics?

We've already been working with many clients throughout Australia with our technology, which has been used successfully throughout the United States and Europe for over 20 years. Cadence Orthotics holds the exclusive Australian license for fabrication of these orthotic devices on behalf of Oretek laboratories. With weekly updates to our software from the worlds leading biomechanists, Cadence Orthotics offers superior quality with the latest technology.

Our promise to you, is to provide the best quality products, supported by outstanding customer service.

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Meet the Team

Sam Towers

Qualifying as a Podiatrist in 1995 and with over 17 years experience in podiatry and patient wellbeing, Sam Towers established successful practices in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. With a desire to maintain good health in footcare with a personal approach, his practices in Bondi, Kogarah and Surry Hills ran successfully for many years. Sam's interest and experience in diagnosis and treatment of all lower limb and foot complaints saw him incorporate a variety of orthotic techniques into his practices, ensuring his clients received the best of care.

In 2010 after realising the potential to produce digital orthotics with his brother and fellow Podiatrist Peter, Cadence Orthotics was formed. What followed was two years of intense research and development to find the perfect CAD CAM orthotic manufacturing process.

With 15 years of hand made manufacture and over two years of digital scanning and CAD CAM production, Sam has seen the benefits of this Direct Milled crossover first hand, in both the laboratory and clinical environments.

Sam is excited about helping you find the right digital orthotic solution for your practice.


Peter Towers

After running a successful biomechanical-based practice in Sydney, Peter moved to London to broaden his podiatry knowledge. Here he worked in two large sports clinics as a consultant podiatrist, mainly treating runners.

Over four years a relationship was built with ORETEK laboratory, providing valuable experience in the benefits and intricacies of CAD CAM foot orthotic prescription for a broad range of sporting injuries and lower limb complaints.

On his return home, the lack of accuracy and quality available to practising podiatrists in Australia became apparent. This deficiency provided the inspiration and along with his Podiatrist brother Sam, Cadence Orthotics was formed.

Peter's 17 years of experience with the individual client's condition, footwear type, ground surface and sporting movements gives him an edge in orthotic prescription that will be beneficial to your clients and practice.




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